The United Nations to intervene in the mistreatment of Africans and Blacks living in China

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China has violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the inhumane treatment of Africans and Blacks during the Coronavirus pandemic. China has broken the 'spirit of brotherhood' (article 1) by denying food, access to medical care and refusing shelter to people due to their race (article 2). Africans and Blacks are refused safety and protection by the law (article 3) and have been targetted as the cause of the second wave and cruelly treated and tortured by those in authority and the public (articles 5, 6, 7,12, 13, 17, 21 (Section 2), 25). Because of the appalling treatment towards Africans and Blacks, many have lost their employment and their rights have been violated, which protects them, leaving them homeless and unable to return to their country of origin due to the global ban on travel (article 23, 27, 28, 29).

China has placed Africans and Blacks at higher risk of contracting the virus, being scapegoated as the cause, which has led to xenophobia and violent atrocities toward them.

We are petitioning for the United Nations to carry out their duties of investigating, intervening and protecting the rights of Africans and Blacks in China who cannot defend themselves.