Stopping Indian Army from encroaching Nepal's border

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Indian army for border protection, known by SSB, have continuously been trespassing/encroaching Nepal's border, usually, troubling the Nepalese citizens who live close by the borders.

Recently, a video which can become an exemplary evidence has been taken by an anonymous person and been shared on Facebook where you can clearly see the Indian border force moving the pole that marks the border between Nepal and India. The most frustrating thing is that the Indian border force, intimidates the videographer in the beginning of the video and  challenges the Nepalese citizens who were present in the incident "what the heck they can do?"

I would like to ask a question to "António Guterres", the UN Secretary General: "Can one sovereign country meddle on the border of another sovereign country where both the countries are members of the United Nations? If yes, what is the significance of being a UN member nation and signing non-alignment movement?

I would like to humbly request the incumbent Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to investigate this incident and direct the border force to not encroach Nepal's border and trouble Nepalese citizens.

This is not just a simple attack on the border, it's an attack on Nepal's sovereignty and it's immoral, unjustifiable and unwelcome act. It is also against humanity and world peace. The terror, agony, humiliation and often the loss of shelter or agricultural land that is faced by Nepalese living in the bordering area on regular basis is a serious attack on humanity. We need to stop this.

I would like to appeal all the Nepalese citizens and well-wishers to support this cause and make it to the United Nations and Indian Prime Minister so that we can make them accountable of this incident.

We want to end the border issues for ever!