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Stop Global Pollution Immediately

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The Daily Mail dated 6 August 2017 published a report stating the world's CO2 emissions last year reach 39.8 billion tons by burning coal, oil and gas and the worst offenders were the United States, India and China. Global emissions went up 2.3% last year. Although Australia's per capita pollution levels are very high too, and we have to take a lot of responsibility for our global impact because:

1. According to the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Australia provides around 30% of the world's coal trade.

2. We continue to use old coal fired power stations that should have been closed decades ago.  

Recently Stephen Hawkings said in an interview with William Shatner of Star Trek Fame (Captain Kirk) when they were speaking of space exploration Stephen Hawkings postulated that humankind may not have found an advanced civilisation because they may all have destroyed themselves.   Stephen Hawkings theory is already underpinned by practical evidence of climate change, and other pollution caused by the wider industry and nothing is happening to change humankind's use of the materials that are making an enormous contribution to our own self- destruction.  We in Australia see it in our ravaged landscapes, the destruction of our Barrier Reef as huge coal exporting ships continually sail through it. Our major cities are highly polluted as are cities around the world.  I know animal production produces a lot of CO2 too but we cannot stop eating - good new is we may not have to because we will just annihilate ourselves instead (being facetious here) because as one human being I am getting really frustrated that world leaders continue to procrastinate and after the recent world summit at the UN appear to be going backwards.

What I want is a global petition, for people world-wide to start using their democratic processes and procedures to oust leaders who will not make changes and engage leaders who will make the immediate necessary changes. In Australia that means stop digging up and exporting coal, fund alternate power industries, close down the coal fired power stations.  I started my first year in my degree studying economics and we can no longer worship Adam Smith's  theory of self- regulating markets we have to force change because as reported in The Australian Newspaper 20 March 2017 none of our world leaders are doing anything, in fact, just as this present Australian Government abolished Carbon Tax the US Government are winding back the Obama schemes and published in the Science Show two years ago A Guide to Australian Energy Futures under this government alternative energy research and development has gone backwards with their alternative solutions being decades away. Barack Obama demonstrated that alternative energies can produce new employment sectors so do not believe the politicians when they say all they do is cost money they if given an opportunity can make substantial contributions to Australia's and world wide economies.  In American Barack Obama set up employment retraining and pathways for young people to be trained in installation of solar power in residential dwellings, Donald Trump has shut all that down. How hard is it to imagine that every dwelling in the world had solar power panels installed on them, we have the technology and the skills to do that right now, and if the government helped we could afford to buy the Tesla or similar home storage batteries which may result in many homes being energy independent and the development of huge solar power battery farms is according to The Australian 20 March 2017 already possible.  It is morally and ethically wrong when a country such as Australia,  that get high amounts of sunshine are not totally solar powered nations by now. Why we could export clean solar energy rather than dirty coal. 

Please send this petition world-wide the United Nations estimated in April 2017 that there are 7.5 billion people in the world, please sign on behalf of yourself, get your relatives, friends, encourage strangers to sign let's start a world-wide people's movement to save our beautiful planet. Stephen Hawkings said to William Shatner and I am paraphrasing sorry Stephen he said something like 'What's the point of finding brave new worlds if we can't even look after our home planet. Are we just going to go somewhere else and pollute that too.' Wise words Stephen please sign this too. 

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