Release Iranian Political Prisoners whose Lives is in serious danger

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Many young human right activists have been arrested and are sentenced to many years of prison by dictatorial regime of Iran. Some of them like Arash Sadeghi has been in hunger strike for more than a month and their health condition is in a big danger. Arash is in a situation that might die any minute! Islamic Republic of Iran ruined his life by arresting him because of his human right activities, and arresting his wife without any judiciary proof or legal warrant. Narges Mohamadi , Atena Daemi, Nasrin Sotoudeh and many other human right activists and lawyers are in the similar condition as Arash and are under the worst condition in Iran's Jails. 

Join us to be united and demand Ali Khamenei and the Judiciary power of this totalitarian regime to release these political prisoners ASAP.

People in Iran are struggling every day for their basic and primary rights. The dictatorial regime not only arrests the human activists, they arrest women in streets if their hair is not fully covered. They force women to have mandatory hijab and many women that have started standing against this anti-humanity rule, have been arrested and sentenced to jail for many years. 

Please sign this petition to demand UN to put pressure on The leader of Iran ( Ali Khamenei) to release political prisoners ASAP as their lives is in real risk and danger. Every minute and each signature is important. 

# Human chain 

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