Petition Demanding Buhari to resign for failure to protect the Lives of Nigerian

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Since the Nigeria people elected President Muhammadu Buhari as its president with much expectations, the government has been paying lip services to the cardinal principle while there is government, which is the protection of lives and properties 

the Buhari led federal government has failed in all ramifications to carry out this duties instead he is busy thinking of how to perpetrate himself in office , the Nigeria economy is worst than it were, the health sector is worst than it were, the judiciary has been intimidated and made errand boys of the president, the Agents of the president take laws into their hands by killing Innocent citizens and no body is arrested but rather any chance that the citizens tries to defend themselves they will be arrested and sentence to imprisonment. 

Injustice and one sided face against  corruption is the order of the day in this adminstration it is on this that we humbly request the president t to resign so that a young and vibrant leader with vision can lead the country .

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