Let's found a cure for Ligma and make Despacito 2

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There is a letal illness called Ligma ( ScientoficaSci known as Ligmaib alls. Pnis ), it attacks you by making you a gay-ass nigga and killing you in the process, it was discovered by professor Ben Dover in the year 69 b.c. and it's first victim was Weedlord Bonerhitler, some niggas the died from Ligma are, Ninja ( Gay-ass Virgin game streamer ), Supreme Patty ( Autistic Retard ), Tekashi69 ( Gay Ice cream truck ), Drake ( a nigga ), Dame tu cosita alien, and Barack Obunga ( 69 president of the United States ) , thank you for helping in the fight against Ligma, a illness that killed many people 


This is so sad can we nuke India ?