"Kin's Domains of the Future" — A Scientific + Practical Conference at the United Nations

"Kin's Domains of the Future" — A Scientific + Practical Conference at the United Nations

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Humanity needs a way of living that will regenerate our planet, our lives, and our families.

“If the human community consists of rational beings, why does it pollute the water it drinks and the air it breathes?

“Why have people chosen a way of life that leads them to consume mostly low-quality food?

“Why, as we keep speaking of spirituality, culture and human values, are there constant wars in the world?”

These questions are taken from the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Megre, in which the idea of Kin’s Domains is proposed as the solution to these problems, and all world crisis. In these books he provides a great deal of evidence, that Kin’s Domains would be the most sustainable and most widely accepted model of living currently available to the world.

A Kin’s Domain is at least 2.5 acres of land (100m x 100m), where a family plants a living fence of trees and bushes around the perimeter. On the inside, they dig a pond, plant a forest, an orchard, flower and vegetable gardens, build a house and keep bees and animals, all with the intention of passing this land down to generations of their children. They use strictly organic methods of gardening, and create no pollution of any kind. The families who create Kin’s Domains are doing so to ensure the best possible future for their children.

When each willing family does this, bit by bit, the world will be transformed into a blooming heavenly oasis. Each family, willingly and enthusiastically, takes to the land and regenerates the Earth. There are already more than 500 Kin’s Domain settlements in Russia and eastern Europe, with many having over 200-300+ families.

This is not a movement that is being forced or recommended by anyone externally, but instead, it is an idea being carried out by people of their own free will, largely without governmental support. An idea like this which so many people are doing on their own, should be supported by all governments, because they lose nothing, and have everything to gain.

If people are willing to accept land, plant gardens on it, become self-sustainable, and regenerate the environment in the process, should we not help them?

Kin’s Domains address all 17 of the United Nations sustainable development goals, while requiring minimal financial resources.

For these reasons, we propose a yearly scientific and practical conference called “Kin’s Domains of the Future” be held at the United Nations, to discuss these ideas and how to implement them in our society.

We want all governments to support their people in acquiring 2.5 acres for the establishment of Kin’s Domains. And we want to spread this idea to the world.

Kin’s Domains provide answers and solutions to the problems humanity is facing. We propose this event so that we can convene the brightest and most influential minds of our time, to speed the spreading and implementation of this idea in the world.

Thank you,

The people.

502 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!