" Justice for Afro-Guyanese Political former members of the APNU/AFC Guyana, South America

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On March 2nd 2020, Guyana, South America had an Election; this election and the end  results were severely flawed; The then Party in Power APNU/AFC, led by President David Granger, and his Ministers alleged, demonstrated and complained of massive electoral fraud perpetuated by the then opposition party, The PPP/C. The appeal of the APNU/AFC for the Courts in Guyana and revelation authorities to investigate this massive electoral fraud, went unheeded. 


On August 2nd 2020, The PPP/C political party leader "Mr Irfaan Ali", became the new President of Guyana. The former President, "Bharrat Jagdeo",  appointed himself  "Vice-President" ....  a position that was never held previously or given to anyone in the political history of Guyana; he has clearly flouted the Constitutional Laws of Guyana, without any concern. 


As of today, ( August 25th, 2020) there has been several members of the former APNU/AFC political party, who have been arrested at their homes, by the Guyanese police force members, on orders from the PPP/C newly elected Government ; they have had their homes ransacked, their family members terrorized, taken to the police station; and are not allowed to have visits with their Lawyers. 

Court cases filed by APNU/AFC members, were consistently and regularly dismissed by the Judges, the judges often ruling in favour for the PPP/C and their supporters. APNU/AFC members often placed on bail, pending further court visits for possible prosecution.  PPP/C members, and their supporters had their various charges of criminal wrong doing removed. The current PPP/C President, Mr Irfaan Ali, had his 17 fraud charges, removed, a few days after he was installed as the President of Guyana. 

Many Guyanese are fearful of the increasing number of injustices to the APNU/AFC and to Afro-Guyanese in general. The Guyanese people are fearful that they are being pushed to create civil unrest; this is disheartening for Guyanese, as the situation with Covid-19 is greatly impacting the World negatively and the people in Guyana are also negatively impacted by Covid-19 and having to deal with these various injustices thrown upon them by the newly elected PPP/C Government. 


We implore you all, to help the Guyanese people, stop these gross injustices perpetuated upon the Guyanese people;  the Guyanese citizens would love to maintain peace and stability in their country. Please help them to maintain Peace, stability and Civility. 


Thank you, for your serious attention to this grave matter, that is currently happening in Guyana. We look forward to your intervention. 



Deborah Leow.


"A Concerned Guyanese Canadian Citizen".