Condemn "Attacks in Syria" and be responsive towards "World Terrorism"

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Airstrikes. Artillery fire. Cluster and barrel bombs.

This is what the nearly 400,000 people of the Syria, have faced over the past two weeks. Syrian forces have dramatically escalated their attacks on the area, which is mostly controlled by rebel forces who for five years have opposed President Bashar al-Assad’s rule. Human rights observers say thousands are injured and more than 500 people — including around 120 children — have died during the uptick in fighting, marking this as one of the bloodiest stretches of the eight-year Syrian civil war.
Where it is alleged that " Even Peace may not save Syria",
It is my appeal that " Peace is not mere absence of conflict, it is the presence of justice".

When 7 billion+ people of the world will stand against "Terrorism", Peace shall be achieved.