Advocate for Religious Freedom in all Countries: The 2014 Yezidi Genocide

Advocate for Religious Freedom in all Countries: The 2014 Yezidi Genocide

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Michelle Sanders started this petition to United Nations

The War Machine

With her white gown and red lips,

The chubby woman

Wanders through my tired city

To choose men

It is me, your bride, come,

Approach my machine.

Fearfully from behind the glass, I watch her.

Death spins in the corners of my room

Picks my beloved ones as he wishes

Or perhaps he would choose me.

Death waits for me every night

To tell him about the fallen petals of my flowers

The ones who loved the light

But this does not impress him

He is only concerned about counting my

flowers Petals

When they fall.

Smiles miserably and follows me as my


Death allows his chubby lover 

To select what she wishes for too.

This poem was written by Amina Sahi, a U.S. citizen who was born and raised in Iraq.  She eloquently depicts the horrors of ISIS in a hauntingly touching way.

Together, our goal is to advocate for religious freedom in all countries; neither Islam, nor any other religion, should be declared as the official religion of any government or country.  We hold those countries who have Islam or other religions, as the official, and mandated religion, accountable for their intolerance toward other religious beliefs and practices.  We call upon the international community and the United Nations to criminalize and hold accountable, countries who dictate or recognize only one religion.  We hold countries who do not demonstrate religious tolerance accountable for their assaults on human rights, injustice and the inhumane treatment of others.  

If a government or state declares an official religion for the country, it is a major cause of racial discrimination based on religious beliefs.  Whomever holds the idea or doctrine of the official religion is adamant to his religion, thus promoting religious terrorism, mass murder or genocide against minorities who do not belong to the proclaimed religion.  We need look no further than what human history has proven over the ages.  We have all heard, and some have seen, the gruesome video of how 50 Yazidi women were slaughtered on February 2, 2019 in front of the world's eyes, under the world's sun and on the world's beautiful land.  Their pure blood was shed where there was no sin.  Their pure blood was shed only because they practiced a religion that was not Islam.

The whole world watched as ISIS perpetrated a genocide against the Yezidis on August 3, 2014, only because they are a religious minority.  All religious minorities are particularly vulnerable to murder, abduction, rape, abuse, human trafficking and the destruction of infrastructure and communities.

It has been almost five years since the 2014 genocide.  To this day, thousands of Yezidis have been murdered by ISIS and buried in mass graves.  To this day, hundreds of those murdered remain in mass graves and are unable to receive burials consistent with the Yezidi religion.  To this day, families cannot return to the Yezidi homeland of Mt. Sinjar because it is laden with IEDs ISIS left to ensure even more death and destruction.  To this day, families cannot return to Mt. Sinjar because of the lack of infrastructure, the destruction of their homes, and the lack of food, water and medicine.  To this day, there are over 1,000 missing children.  To this day, there are over 3,000 missing girls.  To this day, families do not know if their loved ones are in captivity or are dead.  This can be the day that all of this  changes if we take action.

We believe that every human being has the right to live in peace, regardless of their religious beliefs, whether they live in Iraq or other countries.  We strongly advocate and encourage laws mandating religious tolerance in all Islamic and non-Islamic countries.  We say this without exception, so that all people can live their lives with dignity and justice, without fear of retaliation of death, torture, or a myriad of other inhumane atrocities that have been perpetrated on religious minorities.

We call upon the United Nations, the international community, and all governments to advocate for religious freedom for all people.  We call upon our federal, state and local governments to actively support this position.  We call upon the humanity in each of us to recognize and take action against governments who declare one religion as the only religion.  We call upon those of us who have a voice to advocate for the voiceless.  We call upon anyone who supports religious tolerance, dignity and humanitarian rights to sign our petition.

Thank you.

Ms. Amina Sahi, Writer, Humanitarian and Activist

Dr. Michelle Sanders, Trauma Psychologist, Humanitarian





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