Protect the waters as a way of also protecting ourselves

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I share a passion for whales with many around the world.  Whales are the harbingers of change to the food chain.  If they decline or are endangered that tells all of us that we are endangered too, as our destinies are linked.

A deleterious change to the quality of the oceans leads to the demise of these great beings and all the creatures of the ocean.  Their demise is an indication to us that our food supply is being compromised.

It is not an optional issue for us to preserve the oceans and the creatures of the deep.  By preserving them, we preserve ourselves.

It's just that simple.  And that profound.  We erroneously believe that "out of sight, out of mind", and that when we dump our garbage into the ocean it mysteriously dissipates. This is a dangerous illusion that we must correct now, for ourselves, for the oceans and beings that call the ocean home, and for future generations who will inherit the consequences of our decisions today.