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Petitioning UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and 3 others

Immediate release of hostages & protection of Camp Liberty by UN blue helmets

In condemnation of Massacre of Camp Ashraf Residents and for Security of the Residents in Camps Liberty
In the great massacre of September 1, Iraqi forces killed 52 residents of Camp Ashraf, members of People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, and took seven hostage. In this massacre, ordered by the religious fascism ruling Iran, the attackers machine gunned unarmed people while their hands were tied behind their backs and they delivered coups de grace to the wounded lying on hospital beds.

This is a big crime against humanity that should not go unheeded in silence and inaction, especially that the 3,000 residents in Camp Liberty are threatened by similar massacres.

All residents Camp Ashraf who are now in Camp Liberty, including the 52 that have been cold-bloodedly murdered, are protected persons by the Fourth Geneva Convention and asylum-seekers with U.S. and UN responsible for their safety.

We the undersigned, while condemning this horrific crime, call on the European Union, the United States government, and the United Nations to:

Firstly: Act to gain immediate release of seven Ashraf hostages

Secondly: Handover protection of camp Liberty to UN blue helmets until transfer of all residents to Europe or U.S.

Thirdly: Formation of an international delegation to conduct impartial investigation into the September 1 massacre and to forward this dossier to the Security Council for prosecution and punishment of the culprits.

Copies will be send to:

- President of the United States, Barak Obama

- President of the European council, Herman Van Rompuy

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  • President of the United States
    Barak Obama (President of the United States)

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