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Ban kangaroo meat and products from Scotland

The kangaroo killing industry in Australia is considered cruel and the biggest land wildlife slaughter on the planet. Scotland still imports kangaroo meat which as a direct result is responsible for the deaths of thousands of baby kangaroos.  Pouch young are bludgeoned to death after the mother is killed and young-at-foot will run off into the bush to face a fate of starvation or predation.

The only way that this trade will stop is if people stop buying the products, meat and sports footwear (made from the skin of the dead mother) and we are looking at Scotland to bring in a ban and lead the way.

Letter to
Campaign General
I petition you as a matter of some concern, over the deaths of thousands of baby kangaroos in Australia which are the direct result of the importation of kangaroo meat and sports footwear (made from kangaroo skin) into Scotland.

Baby kangaroos are ripped from their shot mothers pouch and bludgeoned to death with the young at foot running off into the bush, only to face certain death through starvation or predation. Baby kangaroos are a by-product of the industry and considered expendable! This is unacceptable to me.

Kangaroo meat is imported into Scotland by one establishment from where it is sold and distributed both within Scotland and around the UK. Since all the major supermarkets and food industry wholesalers dropped the product, once they were aware of the cruelty involved, this company allows the killing of baby kangaroos to continue with their association with this cruel trade. This is unacceptable to me.

1. MEAT.
The hygiene of kangaroo meat has been brought into question with Russia banning all future imports after shipments were found to contain high levels of E.coli and salmonella. The ban came in August 2009 yet Scotland stills imports this meat potentially putting Scots health at risk. Why is this protection not given to people in Scotland? All this is just to satisfy a "need" for a few people to eat exotic meats which is advertised as "healthy."

Kangaroo skins are exported around the world to provide a variety of products but mainly for leather football boots and trainers. This translates into finished products which are freely available in Scotland. There is no need for kangaroo skin to be used in this way.

Nike recently stated in the press* that it (one of the biggest to use kangaroo skin in it's ranges) has taken the ethical decision to "eradicate" kangaroo or K-leather, from its range of materials.

I call on you as Convener of the Petitions Committee in Scotland to show Europe and the World that it cares about animal welfare and protecting it's citizens health.

MEP's Catherine Stihler and David Martin are supporting this call for a ban and it is featured in the Sunday Post.

* Nike Press reference:- Mail on line 22 June 2010.

Please help to make this happen.

Thank you for your support.
Kind regards

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