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 I need HELP to become a mom, and ban such a stupid rule of not allowing IVF to women whose partners have kids.
It's our human rights as women to be able to have a child and the NHS are taking away that chance for me and many women and men suffering like me. I have lost 4 children. My first child killed me as he ruptured me luckily they saved me but took my first tube at just 17. I tried for a child for 4 years but just kept miscarrying early then i sadly lost my twins due to harassment and damage from an ex partner when taking him to court for battery and beating. But in the meantime of trying for a baby my hospital put me on chemo tablets that i found out affects your fertility! so i don't know if that plays a part in any of this! I then lost my last child i could conceive, my precious girl. She was stuck in my tube. I was so happy when i was pregnant with her it was countless weeks of magic. Doctors checked me and said it didn't feel like an ectopic so i thought i'm finally going to be a mom! But due to me about to go abroad i had to have an early scan a few weeks later as im high risk due to my previous losses. That day i was so excited but in the scan room it all went quiet she had to get out the wand and from that moment i knew she was not where she was supposed to be they then confirmed im sorry the baby is in your tube. She was too big to pass with a pill she would of ruptured me and she had a heartbeat so they had to cut her out and take my last tube too. Once again my child's life had to end to save mine. This distraught me! Few months passed we got excepted for IVF. I was still trying to come around the fact that i can't have children no more and I lost my baby girl but I was prepared to try
for this I wanted this more than life itself! But once again my dreams were crushed. The NHS won't fund me to be a mom because my partner has children, but i could use a sperm donor who may have kids off someone! Its outrageous i can't have a baby with the man i love and the man I am marrying and together will raise a beautiful happy family, but i can have one with a stranger and a child in a broken home. Its so wrong. This rule is affecting many women and men like me and i really feel for them. That's why I want to put an end to this stupid rule and give us women the RIGHTS back to be able to have a child of our own!!! All you need to do is sign and share my petition and hopefully we can get heard and we can all become mothers and fathers someday <3 rest in peace to all the rainbow babys out there!

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