BAN IRFAN BABU & AMJAD NASEEM Stand against paedophilic harassing teachers

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This petition is specifically targeted for KIPS Management. The entire of Kips management is to be held responsible and accountable for hiring paedophilic teachers, teachers who harass their students given every or any chance they get. 

Teachers who have excellent, extra-ordinary grasp at the subject/course they offer and teach yet fail being decent human beings. Students have a completely different relationship with their teachers; students look up to them, (should) feel safe around them, have open communication with them via social media/personal contact numbers in case of educational help or even help from a fatherly/motherly figure. These teachers are twice/thrice or even more of age and end up harassing students. Slut-shame them, touch them inappropriately, pass vulgar comments, body shame and so much more. Upon coming forward they either shut the victim up or simply kick them out of campus because these teachers are just so great. 

This petition on a very specific note concerns PhD Dr. AMJAD NASEEM (Senior Chemistry Professor KIPS 30-A Johar town) 

Irfan Babu (English Teacher KIPS 30-A Johar town)

The management of this campus had everything under their notice, years ago, and still do and no one has stepped forward to take a step against them and other such teachers, at the least have not even attempted to apologise. 

A teacher-student bond is so sacred yet violated by these ugly paedophiles who hide behind the knowledge and command over the course. 

I request you to please sign this petition to hold the management accountable for such an act and being accomplice to all these harassments. THEY SHOULD APOLOGISE PUBLICLY AND FIRE BOTH OF THESE ''PAEDOPHILES''