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Ban and Phony African Kingdoms Federation

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  Given that:-

-The above named website of the African Kingdoms Federation (AKF) is not related to any sovereign state government; or official Federal government , or a registered international organization of any kind whatsoever, and that;
-Members of the public have been mis-leaded in believing to the contrary, and that;
-The site has been the object of controversy which seriously questions its chief aim, and that;
-Said Federation is headed by a notorious confidence trickster Debra Amelia George-Kasambura aka self-styled 'Queen' Shebah Sai Ra III, and that;
-Little has arose thus far to support that is not a mere cover up for other scam acts, and that; -

-The alleged Federation has been granted no official rights  of representation from the African continent honorary  heads of tribes , but instead,

-A growing number of complaints have emerged,  related to bogus investment schemes and fake diplomatic representation of said Federation, and that;

-The reputation and integrity of genuine traditional leaders of Africa and legit organization may be questioned as a result,

For the protection and interest of the general public and the right to fair information and safety:-

The following petition is thus being filed for:

a) The immediate removal from public view of including all subdomains, blogs, facebook accounts, youtube publication etc all in all what constitutes the total cyber-presence of said organization and their leading man; Debra Amelia George -Kasambura aka self-styled Queen Shebah Sai Ra III,

b) for a full investigation on the affairs of said organization, alleged diplomatic engagements, alleged non-for profit schemes under  presumable NGO Imperial House Foundation, Legal Status and Registration; right of representation etc,-

We are asking the public to show their support for this action by joining with us in this  petition.

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