BAN illegal Malaysian Cars pick up in Singapore

BAN illegal Malaysian Cars pick up in Singapore

10 June 2022
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Singapore Land Authority
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Why this petition matters

Started by Victor Teo

Since the border between Singapore and Malaysia reopened on 1 April 2022, the demand for private cross-border transport has increased tremendously. Singapore residents (including EP and WP holders) usually request them.

Illegal Malaysian transportation companies have been advertising their services on various social media platforms and Google search engine offering their services at 50-70% lower than their Singapore counterparts. Despite Singapore transportation companies having done what we can, we are unable to compete fairly with Malaysian companies as their operating costs are 1/3 of ours. And they do not have the appropriate commercial insurance or permission from the Singapore authority to provide cross-border services. Ignorant passengers are lured by the cheap rate and put their holidays at risk.

Engaging Illegal Malaysian cars

  1. Unauthorized to pick up in Singapore
  2. No commercial insurance. Personal usage insurance
  3. Unqualified drivers. All Singapore drivers are either holders of PDVL, TDVL or BDVL
  4. Do not have public liability insurance
  5. Create additional traffic on the causeway and second link. 
  6. Inadequate resources for backup plans. Many passengers were played out by these illegal Malaysian transport and ended up engaging Singapore companies for their trips, causing unnecessary anxiety among the passengers. 

We have gone the extra length to apply for permits to enter into Malaysia and paid extra to ensure our insurance is extended to West Malaysia. Despite offering the most competitive price in the market, customers will still find our prices expensive when compared with those offered by Malaysian companies and drivers. We even go the extra mile to digitalize our service and booking system to make booking much easier. We can be creative and always improve to be one of the best in the whole industry, but we need to have a fair playing ground. Having to deal with Malaysians who come in as tourists and take away our customers at a fraction of our price is definitely not a fair playground where their costs are 1/3 of ours.

We hope with this petition, LTA is able to act to protect the local transportation companies' interests and send a stern warning and take action against those providing and engaging in illegal transportation services. 

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Signatures: 45Next Goal: 50
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