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With a home-rule in place, we can legally prevent Governor Kaisich from drilling on Ohio University's land! We need your signatures to present to the administration and support this movement

Letter to
President Roderick J. McDavis
In honor of moving forward with sustainability at Ohio University, and in honor of the beauty that draws students to Athens year after year, the following OU students ask that you please ban hydraulic fracturing at Ohio University! OU, and Ohio in general, is a leader across the nation and steps that we take here will continue to effect environmentally conscious decisions on college campuses everywhere.

Hydraulic fracturing, otherwise known as "fracking", is currently a hot topic of debate and research in the news. The method of drilling for natural gas is less intrusive than many procedures for natural resource extraction and natural gas burns efficiently; however, there have been many reported instances of water contamination and habitat degradation due to fracking processes. More studies need to be done to ensure that methods are perfected and do not hinder the health of our residents and the environment that sustains us.

Placing a home-rule ban on hydraulic-fracturing will prevent the Ohio State Government from drilling on our land if House Bill 133 is passed. Please look into this issue and stand up against fracking!

Warm regards,

Rachel Ackerman
President, Ohio University Sierra Student Coalition

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