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Iowa State Representative Mary Mascher said she plans to introduce legislation next session to shut down greyhound racing in the state, which she accurately describes as "an inhumane, dying industry."

Iowa is one of fourteen states without any laws against dog racing, and one of only seven states that still have operational dog tracks.

Grey2K USA and the ASPCA recently released a 110-page report on greyhound racing in Iowa, which reveals the cruelty of industry, including: dogs kept in small cages 19 to 21 hours a day, dogs being fed meat from diseased animals, and hundreds of injuries, with nearly 1 in 5 resulting in death.

Let Iowa officials know that you support a ban on dog racing.

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Letter to
Iowa State House
Iowa State Senate
I recently read on that the state legislature may be considering legislation to permanently ban greyhound racing in Iowa. I strongly urge you to support this measure.

Greyhound racing is an inhumane, dying industry. The dogs are subjected to lives of confinement and cruelty. The popularity of these races has been declining, and dog tracks are heavily subsidized by slot machines and other on-site gambling.

There are only 14 states that do not have laws against greyhound racing, and only 7 with operational dog tracks. Please help Iowa join the ranks of compassionate states who do not support using animals for entertainment by putting an end to the dog racing industry.