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Ban gas chambers for animals in shelters: stop the group gassing of animals in sheltersand ban the chambers..

Gassing animals in chambers together is nothing less than barbaric and inhumane. Regardles of why they are there, no living being should be treated this way, especially in the final moments of life. Even the worst human that has been sentenced to death for multiple senseless killings or acts of a phsycotic nature to others is granted death by lethal injection. Why would a  creature of gods that has harmed or done nothing more than to have been born into a life full of neglect, abuse, pain, hunger and fear be treated in such a heartless despicable manner.We are to blame for his existance and are the reason why he is there in the first place in some way. Can't we at least give them a final act of compassion and end thier suffering in a compassionate, peaceful, caring way. It is the least we can do for them isnt it? There are no bad pets, just bad owners. They are products of thier master and the enviroment that raised or bred them. Us!


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Ban gas chambers for animals in shelters
jennifer Cline
Stop gassing groups of animals in chambers like nothing more than disposable waste. Why should they suffer the last moments of life in agonyand suffrage once again at the hands of humans they trust and love. it is immoral to make any life suffer a slow and tortorous death gasping and fighting to breathe while the life is slowly sucked from thier lungs and replaced with poison without so much as a hand or touch of cre or compasion.