Ban Fairness products in India!!

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From a few decades we've grown up with this notion being taught everywhere - that fair skin = success, marriage, respect. Not just the society, the commerical media has played a big part in antagonizing dark skin and furthermore used numerous public figures aka our beloved Bollywood Celebrities (who ironically advocate for Black Lives Matter) to spread the propoganda of "White skin is beautiful, it gives your confidence and you'll be guaranteed with a happy, successful life �" while playing along with the stereotypes that skin colour plays an "important role" in your life.

And it all lead to these products like Ponds White Beauty, Fair n Lovely, Garnier to actually have a big market which targets on people's insecurities and generates Racist Mentality amongst our own population, whose ancestors were once dominated by Whites. The problematic aspect of this is that these products are legally sold and advertised in our country. Colourist standards are also linked to caste discrimination as well, portraying their skin colour as a disadvantage.

Let's look at the harmful ways they advertise their products. All these ads have one thing in common, a dark skinned girl who's currently unhappy with her life because of her dark skin, the change doesn't come with anything else but their fairness cream which is suggested by a known public figure who poses as their "friend", and in the next moment, the dark skin girl gets whitewashed and gains confidence, a new job and even marriage proposals... Not only these products associate dark skin with negativity, but they also suggest segregation, implying that only white skinned people should be able to have a privileged life. Not only this is racist, but this should be declared unconstitutional as well. These products should also be classified as False and Deameaning. The result is simply not there, the darkness is also excused as "Dead skin cells" which again demeans people's existence and their identity. The only "satisfied" people they show in their advertisements are paid actors.

I have been a victim of these standards as well in childhood, so I feel hurt that nothing has changed in our society regarding the marketing of fairness products and the normalization of making colourist jokes, stereotypes and none of the bollywood celebrities have shown regret in advertising these products which they should have considering how "woke" they are now.

Some people are aware about the fact that back in February 2020 the Government proposed a penalty of 5 yr jail and a fine of fifty lakh rupees for promoting fair skin. But the thing is these products are still being sold, we all need to impose a ban on these products. They aren't necessary for human survival either, it only exists to cheat customers and give a fake assurance to their insecurities.

By signing this petition, we should make sure that our society takes one step forward in progress instead of going back to normalize colonial standards. Please share it everywhere.