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Factory farms for beef, veal, poultry, eggs, and fish all keep animals in cruel conditions, and most use methods of torture to live animals during their lives and to end their lives. 95% of animal food in American stores is from such cruelty laden factory farms. The conditions are the most difficult to keep clean and the waste from the animals and their housing is polluting rivers and soils with billions of pounds of excrement every year. Vegetation-eating animals are fed dry food made of the bodies of other of the same kind of animal, that is, chickens are fed food with processed bodies of other chickens and cows are fed food containing processed substances that include parts of bodies of other cows. The conditions are usually so crowded, that disease is only kept at bay with antibiotics, which then are in the food we eat, contributing to our resistance to antibiotics when used purposely to humans. "When stunners (meant to render hogs unconscious) aren't effective, hogs are sometimes sent into the scalding tanks to often the skin of dead pigs, while they are still alive and conscious" Freston, Kathy, "Veganist", 2011, p. 167. All these are not unusual instances, they are the norm today. You do not have to be a vegetarian to recognize that the factory farm methods are not made for living beings.

This is an issue of food safety, of animal cruelty, of environmental safety and of sustainable agriculture.

Stop factory farms. Write to your Congressman in the USA and to your PM in Canada to ban all factory farming methods and all factory farms.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
Please ban all factory farms immediately. These farms are contributing to disease in both animals and humans, and the excrement is polluting lakes, rivers and soils. Most of the animals so kept are held and killed in crowded, cruel, torturous conditions which should never occur to any animal. The monitoring of safety in these farms has not resulted in safe conditions either for the animals or for the food that then is on the tables of the nation. There are much more safe and sustainable forms of agriculture, which can only thrive when these factory farms are not supermarkets with unsafe, cheap foods that result from terrible cruelty and pollution. 95% of animal product food in the USA is from factory farms with inhumane and polluting conditions.
Factory farms are a blight on agriculture, the environment, food safety, and on human good conscience toward animals and toward our own valuing of the health of the nations of The United States and Canada.

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