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BAN factory farming in California!

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If you didn't know factory farming is the confinement of animals in tight rooms, boxes, metal crates, wire cages the list can go on. They get barley any water and fake/processed antibiotic food. Then they are given no space so they cant sit or lie down so these poor pigs and cows are standing constantly crammed next to each other with sharp metal wire right up next to them too. It also hurts the environment and causes pollution.

With minimal to no access to air These helpless animals are also fed antibiotics that makes them produce more milk/eggs and changes the way there body functions that some chickens die from being overgrown. Then they get transported to a slaughterhouse without food or water and get dragged/ have their throats slit while still alive and conscious. This is just one version of what goes on behind those walls and i cant live happily knowing hat these animals NEED our help.

PLEASE sign this it will change our state and we would influence other states to do the same.  These Animals should not have to deal with this stand with me to make a difference, we will fight this and to whomever signs this YOU may be the reason why farm factory will be banned! 

Farm factoring isn't even considered an issue on the white houses website, lets change this. More people need to be aware and know where there meat is coming from and how. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Lily Larsen age 15. 

If you are planning on looking at  pictures of factory farming  please be aware it is very graphic, sad and sickening. This is the only one i could find that is some what appropriate  yet it is still miserable and depressing.


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