Ban Face Coverings in Canada ��

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Wake up Trudeau Face Coverings ARE a Woman’s Right Issue

As a woman, I view face coverings as a symbol of sexism; they should be treated as any other hate paraphernalia. It angers me to my core that I am forced to see the misogynistic face covering charaded as religious dress: the burka and niqab symbolize Islamic male superiority, nothing else. In fact, Muslim scholars agree that woman are not required to cover their faces; “The burqa is not a part of Islam, but instead is an element of Muslim culture and this distinction is important. Woman and men are both encouraged to dress modestly;nowhere in a Quran is face covering required. The opposite is true.”  Requiring ONLY woman to cover HER face during ordinary social interactions is ridiculous, divisive, and subversive.

What I also find incredulous is most woman in countries that require full body and face coverings fight everyday for the right to show their faces. How can anyone believe that women wearing burkas has anything to do with a woman’s right to choose her style of dress. It is my right as a woman to not see this repressive symbol flouted in my face, in a country that spouts equality. I don’t believe this is an issue of security but rather women’s freedom.

Some women may claim it by choice, but what choice is there when you have been taught from a young age that just being female is sinful; worse yet that you are responsible for any sexual IMPULSE a male may have towards you. We need to send the message to ALL men that they, and only they, are responsible for their sexual impulses and how they choose to act on them.

I have absolutely no issue with a person choosing to dress in modest attire. What I have a HUGE problem with is the misguided belief that woman’s bodies are inherently sexual objects and need to be hidden from male eyes. This takes all responsibility away from the male to govern his own actions. Just look at harassment, sexual assault, rape, and domestic violence stats in countries that require full face coverings. How can I in on breath tell my sons that a woman’s body is her own, yet in the next explain that we as a society allow woman to hidtheir faces as they are so inherently sinful that exposing them to an unrelated male is “asking for it”. This is pure subjugation of woman nothing more.

My mother, in the 60’s and 70’s, was also taught that if she wore a skirt that was too short she too was “asking for it”. Our court systems ruled based upon the misguided belief that woman’s body were not really there own if they made a male lust after them enough. That males can not truly be expected to control their desires when faced with long legs and perhaps even a kiss. We are still fighting stigmas against survivors every day.

This type of dress sends the wrong message to misogynists, rapists, incels and young impressionable male minds. If Canada truly values equality between the sexes, then this barbaric cultural (not religious) custom must be banned. If we do not,then #metoo is a joke.