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Ban Donald Trump from Twitter for the Duration of His Presidency

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For the sake of national security and the reputation of the United States on the global stage, we ask Twitter, Inc., Jack Dorsey (CEO), and Omid Kordestani (Executive Chairman) to ban President-Elect Donald Trump from Twitter for the duration of his presidency. Notwithstanding decades of embarrassing, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic commentary made in the public spotlight, Mr. Trump has a record of making reactionary and dangerous tweets since his membership began in 2009. While Twitter is not the only social media platform that he employs to disseminate his problematic messages - he also uses Facebook and has used YouTube in the past - Twitter is by far his platform of choice, presumably for its ease-of-use. Twitter's 140 character limit allows Mr. Trump to tweet short, decontextualized, sound-bite messages, and while other American presidents have done so as well, Mr. Trump's off-the-cuff attitude, divisive worldview, lack of critical thinking, and unwillingness to fact- or source-check retweets poses a unique threat. This threat includes, though is not limited to, the fact that - given his 16 million followers (as of this writing) and his high political, economic, and social status within and outside of the United States - his reckless tweets, their retweets, and the mentions that follow are likely to contribute to growing numbers of domestic and foreign terrorists. Additionally, he has shown a propensity for engaging with fake news and conspiracy theory websites, thereby legitimating their claims (whether or not he, himself, believes them to be true). Furthermore, an American President must act with the dignity of the Office of the President of the United States; President-Elect Trump represents us to the rest of the world and to ourselves, and it is our belief that he has proven that Twitter is not an appropriate platform from which he can express himself. Twitter, Inc., as a corporation, reserves the right to ban users without recourse to the First Amendment of the US Constitution (which protects free speech from interference by the US government) - and it should do so in this case.

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