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Dog shoots are very common unfortunately here in Manitoba Northern communitIes.They are shot ,left to suffer, and eventually die because their injuries are so severe.People in Manitoba communities and First Nations go out and shoot dogs that aren't tied up, whether they are agressive or not. Most of these dogs are not killed right away and are left to suffer for days until they finally die. This is unacceptable and needs to stop. Please sign the petition to end dog shoots in Manitoba.

Letter to
Government of Manitoba
Government of Manitoba
Grand Chief Derek Nepinak
and 3 others
Minister of Justice Robert Nicholson
Prime minister Harper
Government of Manitoba
Please ban dog shoots in Manitoba. They are so horrific and so many innocent dogs are wounded, left to suffer and most die. Please do the right thing and stop dog shoots in Manitoba. Please make a law to end dog culls in Manitoba. Thank you

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