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Ban Destructive Gas 'Fracking' in Ireland!

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As of November 2012 there has been a comittee set up in the republic of Ireland to set the terms of reference of an EPA report due in 2014 on the impact of Fracking in Ireland. Effectively then, there will be no Fracking in Ireland at least until then, which is a small victory. However, the EPA will be basing alot of it's findings on opinions from the University of Aberdeen, which is essentially an oil-and-gas industry clearinghouse, continually spouting biased opinions and viewpoints in support of the industry which funds it, and which employs most of its graduates. Ireland's minister for energy Pat Rabbitte still hasn't really come out to say he understand's how much bias is there in the Aberdeen Oil camp, so we wait and see how corrupt Ireland's leaders (and the country is corrupt in general at the highest levels - i'm Irish, i've lived here 25 years, I should know) will go forward, and how the stakeholders can try swing people of influence. We'll keep you posted.

Keep an eye on the UK aswell, where a  conservative administration infected with vested interests, helped by George Osborne, with ties to fracking/Oil companies (same thing) is trying to push Fracking in a big way in the 'dash for gas'. The republics of Ireland's water tables are the same as those in Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK, so it is crucial we stop it there and in the republic of Ireland. Even if it weren't connected it would have to be stopped because our UK brothers and sisters are people just like us, and political corruption and pollution doesn't respect borders, nationalities or creeds.

Some further in depth reading on the Irish Fracking situation;

And some insight into the UK can be found be simply googling 'Osborne, Dash for gas'.

The lessons are simple- corruption is everywhere, and be very aware where information reports come from and how decisions are justified. One wonders when the Irish minister for energy Pat Rabbite can get this into his head ( that the University of Aberdeen is NOT unbiased)- or maybe he knows already and thinks we'll buy the biased rubbish that comes out of the University of Aberdeen in their report, which will no doubt be favourable towards destructive, profit driven, ecocidal fracking companies. Let's wait and see.



In 2011, as the last government left political office in Ireland,  one of their last acts was to give licences for gas exploration to two companies. Now, this summer 2011, the companies are proposing to 'Frack' for this gas in large swathes of the Irish countryside. If this process is permitted, the likelihood is that it would effect an area near you.

So What is Fracking?

Fracking is the process of causing a fracture in a rock layer, employing the pumping pressure of a chemical concoction with unknown chemicals as the source of energy.  The fracturing is done from holes drilled into reservoir rock formations, in order to increase the extraction and recovery rates of oil and gas.

What is the History of Fracking?

In the USA,  Politicians who supported the 'Fracking' industry have tried for years to exempt fracking from the Safe Drinking Water Act- the 1974 law that regulates the injection of unknown waste and chemicals underground that may affect the USA's water.   In 2005, the then Vice President Dick Cheney, along with world renowned President George W. Bush, enacted landmark energy legislation, (the 2005 Energy Policy Act), which unbelieveably included a provision that prohibited their own EPA (Envoronmental protection agency) from regulating Fracking. Dick Cheney & George Bush wanted regulation to be left to the states themselves (not the Federal government as it had been). Many of these states had huge fiscal deficits, rising unemployment levels, underfunded environment agencies, looser standards and less manpower than the federal government.

They did this so that the door was left open for Dick Cheney's Oil company, Halliburton, a pioneer of this devastating extraction method, to offer poor American communities a small financial lifeline in exchange for fracking rights on their land. Many of these desperate people had no choice as they were broke, and they accepted the spin, that Fracking was clean and harmless. It wasn't. And the EPA could not now intervene because Dick Cheney had been allowed cheat the American people out of their own Environmental Protection Agency. Unbelieveable right? It is obvious that Dick Cheney used his position of power to enrich his own company and shareholders to the detriment of everything else. This of one of many in a long litany of dubious acts during his tenure- he has admitted to breaking the law and lying several times- Youtube it!)

Now, hundreds of American communities have been devastated by this process, and they want to bring this Hell to Ireland. With cancer rates soaring in affected areas, Wildlife devastated, Groundwater becoming permanently unusable (and in some cases flammable!), the net economic effect is negligible once the wells are producing gas. If you need to see the effects live in action, please watch the award winning community-made mini-documentary about Fracking in America- 'Gasland', through this link below;

I am calling on the people of Ireland to act now. Ireland is now in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis due to ruinous national and Global economic policies and the failures of International Finance. These Oil&Gas companies, (and possibly our own government and possibly under ECB and IMF pressure) are going to use this crisis to try to tempt the under-pressure Irish people into ruining OUR NATION'S land & heritage with the untrue promise of a clean process, financial gains, energy security, and other nonsensical claims. These are all blatantly untrue. Everywhere this process has been used it has destroyed everything in its wake.  FRANCE has now banned Fracking outright. The people promoting this process are trying to get rich quick while forsaking community and clean enviroment i.e. everything of real value, for the sake of a quick buck.

Everyone in Ireland loses from Fracking except the shareholders of the Oil companies. DON'T BELIEVE ANY OF THE SPIN YOU WILL HEAR!

I'm calling on you, the Irish people, to say No! We need our leaders to stand up for our interests. Please SIGN THIS PETITION & SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK with your friends and if you can, email the letter below to the Taoiseach and the relevant ministers, and the European commissioner for the environment at the addresses below today, write to your local TD if you can, and email this petition to everyone you know so we can reach our goal of 100,000 signatures and present it to the Dail (the Irish parliament). Do it as soon as you can, before it's too late.

Thank you.

M Sullivan.


Here's The science bit;


Relevant Email addresses-

Consituency addresses;

Enda Kenny,Tucker Street, Castlebar,
Co. Mayo

Fergus O'Dowd, 84 West Street,
Co. Louth,

Pat Rabbitte, 29 – 31 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2

janez.potocnik Postal address:
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels, Belgium




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