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ban cruel hunting traps

Trapping animals is extremely cruel and a barbaric throw back from the dark ages. Trapped animals are terrified, suffer enormous physical pain, extreme emotional distress, are subjected to the elements and predator attacks, become dehydrated, and cannot return to their young who starve without them. 

Many times trapped animals become so desperate to escape the torturous trap that they actually chew off their own paw; only to later die of a gangrenous infection.  

Non-targeted and domestic animals, like dogs, are often very injured in traps every year, in the thousands the one that do survive loose legs from trying to free them self's.

Most civilized countries around the world have already banned trapping - time for the United States of America to adopt a no-trapping policy. 

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  • U.S. Dept of Wildlife Services; BLM; Dept of Interior
  • The U.S. House of Representatives
  • Senator
    Bob Corker

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