Petition to ban Conversion Therapy in B.C

Petition to ban Conversion Therapy in B.C

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As some of you may not know, conversion therapy is still legal under our provincial law. For those who don’t know what conversion therapy is, it is a series of violent techniques used to “convert” LGBTQ+ individuals into cisgender heterosexuals. Some of these techniques may include; shock therapy, brainwashing, and chemical castration. Did you know that British Columbians can use extended medical for conversion therapy?

“So far only Ontario and Manitoba have taken action against conversion therapy.” “In 2015 Manitoba issued a regulation that prevented doctors from billing the Manitoba Health Insurance Plan for conversion therapy.” Ontario then passed a law, called the “Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act”, which bans payments for any Ontario Health Insurance to cover conversion therapy.

Unfortunately these acts and policies only restrict medical professionals. Churches in B.C. such as Journey Canada are still protected under our provincial law. Journey Canada claims to be “against conversion therapy”, but still uses methods which they call “discipleship” courses, for those who want to “correct” homosexuality/ gender identity.

Please sign and share this petition if you believe that conversion therapy should be banned in B.C. and other provinces across Canada.

All of the information in this petition is not my own and all credit goes to the sources below.