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Bluefin tuna have declined by up to 90 percent of their historic levels as a direct result of overfishing. Scientists predict that without action, this species faces extinction within four years.  

In spite of their endangered status, restaurants around the world continue to sell bluefin tuna at exorbitant prices.  Consumer demand fuels the continued trade in bluefin tuna, at the expense of oceanic ecosystems and subsistance fishing communities everywhere.  

In March of 2010, the UN rejected a global ban on the export of bluefin tuna.  It's long past time for local communities to stand up and take action.  Support a ban on the sale of bluefin tuna in New York City to send a clear message to the international community that we are not willing to participate in the wholesale exploitation of our oceans.  

Letter to
Mayor, New York City Michael Bloomberg
I am writing you today to ask you to support a ban on the sale of bluefin tuna in the New York City. As a direct result of four decades of overfishing, bluefin tuna has been driven to just 3% of its abundance in 1960 - a decline of 97%. This fish plays an important role in the ecosystem and plays a vital economic role in many communities around the world. Without intervention, this magnificent fish is surely headed for extinction, which will have disastrous economic and ecological consequences.

Acknowledging the perilous state of the bluefin population, and in opposition to the unethical practices of the fishing industry, many great restaurants in New York have voluntarily removed bluefin tuna from their menus and stocklists. They include:

Le Bernardin
Sushi Samba
Blue Hill
Blue Ribbon

We would like to see the City of New York go a step further, to send a message to the international community that responsible consumers and seafood lovers will no longer stand idly by while endangered species are exploited for the short-term profit of the industrial fishing complex. We believe that the outright ban of these fish could aid the conservation effort by relieving consumer demand and drawing focus to the grave problem of overfishing.

By passing this ban, New York City can be the first of many communities to take a stand against the wholesale depletion of our oceans. Our hope is that with swift action today, we may enjoy this fish at our dinner tables for many generations to come. On the behalf of seafood lovers everywhere, we urge you to support this action.