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Ban blue whale dare challenge game

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Blue whale dare challenge!

All of us may have heard about it,either though news,magazines or through some if your friends,relatives or otherwise the main Target I.e.our children.

Yes,friends I had been reading about it in news articles and other sources from last few days but my attention was drawn yesterday on it when my own son after coming back from school asked me any the deadly blue whale challenge and it's other details.when I enquires further from him about the game ,he told me that in his school his friends were talking abt the challenge and said that why they shouldn't also give a try to it.he was aware about the news particularly rumours that some places have also reported abt the casualties arising because of the daring challenge.I made him understand that it's not a good game and not suitable for children but have doubts that he may somehow give a try to it,so all of you please help me in saving not only my child but all  by not only banning this game but any other related  types  of games or other promotions going on in our country.I personally searched for the game online but not found the exact way,might be possible that you already have banned the game but if there any smart ways to reach there please close them also.Children easily get attracted towards these types of baits without having understanding to know it's after effects and + or -.At last just one request SAVE OUR FUTURE BY SAVING THEIR TODAY!

A very gentle and pressing request from the side of all concerned parents.

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