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Day of Mourning for Victorian Birds- Sunday 28 May 2017

Let Companion Birds Fly

May 28, 2017 — Today I am mourning- Mourning the Victorian birds that are frightened and confused- boxed and caged, to be displayed like pretty flower pots- their intelligent and fragile spirit has given up on love and welfare.

They have given up on us, and on our Victorian state government.

I feel their sadness, their tears, their cries for help- I can see their depressed eyes, their droopy body language- waiting for us to set them free from the life of breeding slavery.

The Victorian (Australia) Andrews government never replied to my letters and your signatures ( globally) to stop the bird sale today. They have no empathy and do not care to listen to Victorians/ Australians- or the citizens of this world.

Once again, for at least 30 years now, bird abuse, profits and the cash/tax free economy is ahead of bird welfare.

We will ALL continue to raise our voices and open our hearts to the abuse and tragedy of profit-making bird breeding and selling.

Please continue to love our birds and please support our campaigns.
There are more MAJOR petitions this week- we will continue to shout for the minds, hearts and souls and birds until NO MORE BIRDS ARE BRED AND SOLD as a business!

Please help us and other reputable global bird rescue groups by adopting these sensitive and loving birds, who I call
'Angels of the Skies' , and who desperately need a loving home and an aviary to fly!!!!

Thank you, sincerely from my broken heart for all your support, love and comments- I read each one of them and "like" them personally. Your words of empathy are giving me the strength and faith that one day soon, birds will be acknowledged for the intelligent, sensitive, loving, sentient beings that they are....


Thank you all....

Group hug....
Paris and our big feathered family,

Paris Yves Read
Melbourne, Australia

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