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Ban "bath salts" the synthetic drug chemicals MDPV, Mephedrone, & Methylone.

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In recent reports accross the country "bath salt" abuse has become a national epidemic within a very short period of time sending hundreds of people to the ER and  the cause of many deaths.   Pennsylvania, Louisiana, North Dakota, Florida, and the cities Atlanta Georgia, and Barberton, Ohio have banned "bath salts".  Legislators in Hawaii, Kentucky, and Mississippi have introduced bills to ban the drug.  Collaboratively all states need to band together in efforts to make these synthetic chemicals banned entirely in the USA.  Bath Salts are now banned  in both Canada and the UK. 

"Bath salts" and other synthetic drugs don't show up on routine "drug test screens".   The chemicals used  to create "bath salts"  are called: MDPV, Mephedrone, and Methylone.  The problem is the synthetic chemicals used in the bath salts -- mephedrone, a synthetic chemical similar to one used in cocaine, and MDPV and Methylone are psychoactive stimulants.  In some people, the nasty side effects are lasting weeks and sometimes months after use.  These chemicals are highly addictive  in turn, causing  intense cravings for the "bath salts".  These stimulants affect the neurotransmitters in the brain  which may permanently alter one's mentality through changes in the brain chemistry.  The side effects include paranoia, hallucinating, severe anxiety, terrifying dreams, suicide, etc.  Since the "bath salts" are marketed as "Not for Human Consumption" testing hasn't been performed on humans to know of the lasting affects on humans.    

This drug has been banned in some states, but is still completely legal in others. This product is highly dangerous and legal action must be taken to prevent further tragedy.


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