Ban Australian supermarket plastic toys, save our oceans!

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Children's future's are under massive threat from climate change. When we think of the future we see a world like the one we are currently living in, but I can assure you that our Earth will change so much based on the decisions we are making now. We pollute our planet when we make and throw away plastic toys and by taking in plastic that has no use to us and won't last long, we help destroy our future.

Climate Change is already having an impact on people. It affects the farming communities (especially in developing countries) that are facing higher temperatures, increased rain, floods and droughts.

So many countries around the world are and will be affected from Climate Change and everyone on this planet will be responsible for it if we do not make a difference, but we can start by making a change in our own country.

Australia's use of plastic is beyond horrifying and now everywhere we look some form of it is supposed to help us in our daily lives. We can live without plastic bags & plastic Coles and Woolworths collectables.
Professor Anthony Ryan says it's not plastic that is the problem, but how people choose to deal with it.

These plastic toys are useless to society and are only a benefit for the supermarkets trying to encourage buyers with children to come begging to their parents for the extra spent money.

Scientists believe that by 2030 our oceans will have more plastic than they will fish, and it only takes one piece of plastic to kill marine life. If fish continue to die of the decisions that we make, we are practically destroying the food chain. We are practically destroying ourselves. The citizens of Australia have woken up to this disaster and are now trying to fix it, but how can we do such thing if our Government has not woken up to the situation themselves?

If we start banning the small things such as the useless plastic collectables, then we would be taking one step closer to the future of a cleaner country, and that for sure will be appreciated by the citizens of Australia.