Ban anonymous feedback apps such as sayat.

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In the wake of the rising depression and anxiety leading to suicides or social isolation by youngsters these days , it's inevitable to find out where we as a community are failing .

Let us look at one aspect of it , the very trending 

"Anonymous Feedback Apps" - the likes of sayat.

The root of all negativity , for a handful of people it has become a perfect platform to break someone by hiding behind the mask of anonymity.

Some may say , if you do not want any hatred or judgements thrown at you , simply don't use the app. How I wish it worked that way!

But  cyber bullies , will always target you via one way or the other , might as well spam your relatives or friends with opinions about you.

Now again some may say , read it and forget it.

Well not everyone is brave hearted , toxic opinions or fake theories about one may shatter the person thus pushing him to his limits.


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