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Ban Anjem Choudary from preaching hatred on our airwaves

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Anjem Choudary is connected to over 30 terrorists via organisations he ran; some of whom are responsible for the deaths of over 18 people. By giving this man a platform to speak we risk recruiting further people to his cause.

Why silence him? 
David Anderson QC summed up the attitude of many Britons when he said that Choudary should be able to speak because 'in the marketplace of ideas, the good ideas drive out the bad'. But the risk with Choudary isn't widespread adoption of his distorted version of Islam, the real danger is that just one Rich Dart* connects with his message and decides to attack innocents... a risk the British people cannot afford to take.


Islam is not the problem
For political reasons Choudary has distorted the peaceful message of the Prophet (saw). Our grievence is not with the religion who's Prophet declared:

"None of you [is truly a Muslim] until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself." ^

We reach out to those that have been decieved by right wing organisations like the EDL and BNP. Abandon your campaigns against Islam and focus on the real issue - hate preachers like Anjem Choudary.


We must act now
We call on the British government to back Theresa May and Baroness Warsi's proposal to ban Anjem Choudary from preaching his message on our airwaves. With immediate effect Anjem Choudary should be barred from speaking on:

- Radio
- Television
- The printed press


* Rich Dart is a convicted middle class English terrorist that Choudary radicalised and converted to Islam.

^  An-Nawawi’s Forty, 13, 56, Hadith

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