Ban all single use items at ARA: Say NO to pollution and choose to be part of the solution

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With signing this petition, you are joining a global movement of reducing the pollution that is created by single use items (coffee cups, straws, plastic bags, plastic bottles, packaging etc.). We all have a role to play to create a waste free future and together we can bring about change.

Our world has grown to love the convenience of single-use products and the powerful plastics industry continues to profit from producing them.  In fact, they’re planning to double production in the next 10 years!  This is not an option and there is an urgent need for us to remove single use plastics from our lives and we need to act now. 

Single-use items are not convenient for our oceans, they are devastating.  From the Arctic to the Antarctic, our oceans are swirling with plastic that doesn’t decompose. Instead, this plastic pollution poisons seals, whales, turtles, birds, fish and many other beautiful creatures.  These animals will choke and die from eating plastic.

Did you know:

· 8 million tons of waste plastic ends up in the sea each year.
· Plastic in our oceans could weigh more than the fish that live in them by 2050, and micro plastics have now become part of the food chain. 
· 16 billion disposable coffee cups are used each year. 

We want ARA to:

- Remove all single use disposable items, such as: coffee cups, plastic cutlery, plastic bottles, plastic food containers from all campuses (including from vending machines and cafes).

- Move towards compostable food packaging and non-disposable multi-use containers at all campuses.