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Petitioning The House of Congress, Senate and President Obama

Ban All Assault Weapons; Annual Review Gun Licenses; Guns Must be Secured at All Time.

To all citizens of the United States: Dec. 14, 2012, 20 children and 6 adults were shot dead by a gunman in an elementary school in Connecticut. Almost at the same time on the other side of globe in China, 25 elementary school students were wounded by a knife attack, however not one person did not make it out alive. The reason why all of these children will be able to return home once again is because China has enacted laws ensuring that not everyone with merely an identification and drivers license can obtain a gun. We will never be able to prevent mass murderers from existing in our society, however we can decide whether we want our children recovering in the hospital after an attack like this, or dead. We can not stop the killing done by a semi-automatic weapon even if we are staying with our kids or having a body guard. But most likely, we can stop the killing from a knife attack.

Gun manufacturers make billions of dollars from blocking gun control and spend millions every year campaign for “freedom and the rights to bear arms”. How much more of our blood can we afford to shed to maintain these industries? Countries like Japan and Norway are proving that we are falling farther and farther behind developed countries where people live a better life without wielding guns.

The right to bear arms ends when the 89 percent of Americans who own guns were unable to protect 20 children from being shot dead, and when the good these arms do is a nearly nonexistent drop in the sea of tragedy that they cause. Particularly, semi- and automatic weapons and carrying guns anywhere outside his or her own property have completely changed the intention of “self-defense”. Banning the use of all automatic weapons and having more strict gun control laws are the first steps to take in ending these fully preventable tragedies in the United States.

I therefore ask my fellow Americans, instead of watching TV or reading the Internet waiting for seeing the next tragedy happen, let's take some actions. Please sign the petition.

Very Sincerely,

Tricia Liu

Letter to
The House of Congress, Senate and President Obama
Dear President Obama and All Members of the United State Congress and Senate:

We together petition for the following:

1. Ban civilian ownership of all types of assault weapons including semi-automatic weapons.
Primary reason: Right to bear arms is for self defense, not for making an assault.
2. Much more vigorous screening of initial gun licenses including requiring “mental status report” from primary doctors; and hold gun shops and deals responsible for any violence.
Primary reason: Too many incidences have proven that giving gun access to mentally ill or extremely agitated people are deadly.
3. Making facilitating access to guns by the wrong person illegal.
Primary reason: Leaving a household of weapons accessible by mentally ill or criminals has proven so many times to be deadly.

4. Annual review of gun licenses, including mental status of gun owners. The review should be comprehensive to include examining details such as whether guns are secured at all time, and the registered owner has the possession of keys at all time.
5. Ban any guns or semi automatic weapons to be carried outside owner’s property, except for hunting rifles. Ban any guns to be in vehicles on public roads and premises.
Primary reason: Once guns are outside personal property, it loses the meaning of self-defense.
6. Strengthen and expand government monitoring body for each state to instill much vigorous gun licensing process.
Primary reason: We vastly over-spent ourselves on threat outside our country, i.e., a trillion dollar on war in Iraq. We are completely in-adequate in protecting us from daily threat right beside us.

FBI and CIA should have special units monitor threats from all those individuals or group that might be of public threats. We have been very successful in deterring terrorist attacks. Now we should give at least equal resources to deter threats from within.

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