Decision Maker Response

Kali Sublett, Mustang Heritage Foundation’s response

Kali Sublett, Mustang Heritage Foundation
Extreme Mustang Makeover

Mar 7, 2018 — Thank you all for your immediate show of concern regarding the actions displayed in the video in question. I had spoken to the organizer of the petition and assured her that MHF had policy in effect and was taking proper action to ensure the welfare of the mustang in the trainer’s possession.

Mustang Heritage Foundation staff were made aware of the video yesterday afternoon and immediately began investigating the situation. As an organization, we have a humane treatment policy which every participant agrees too. Should this be violated by a participant at any time, MHF has a clear and concise approach to resolving any concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. Inhumane treatment will not be tolerated at anytime.

MHF was made aware of the video yesterday afternoon, March 6th. The horse in the video is not a mustang. The trainer in question, however, does currently have a mustang in training for an Extreme Mustang Makeover event. It is correct that we were in the process of reviewing a prior verbal complaint when this video was shared with us. Over the past 24 hours MHF has been following its processes and protocols to quickly and efficiently confirm the safety and humane treatment of the mustang in his care. Upon a conversation with the trainer, during which he apologized for his actions and agreed that the behavior exhibited in the video was not acceptable and was not a reflection of his training program, he willingly withdrew himself from competition. The mustang will be returned to the Bureau of Land Management. We hope that the trainer will learn from this incident and seek professional education in appropriate least-resistance training methods. In the interim, his status as a trainer with the MHF has been suspended. Thank you all again for your concern. I would ask that you take the passion that arose from this situation and consider re-directing it to supporting the efforts of the Mustang Heritage Foundation through training, adoption, becoming a member or simply sharing our message with others. Our mission is to increase the awareness and adoption of mustangs and burros currently being held in BLM off-range corrals. If you are interested in becoming more involved I would personally like to speak with you and let you know more about this organization and all that we are doing to facilitate successful placement of mustangs into private care as well as how you too can support Americas Mustangs through involvement with our organization. You may follow the link below or give me a call anytime. Thank you again.