Remove Sharod Watson from the Baltimore Police Department

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On July 26, 2016 my life was changed forever when I received a call from a neighbor that the police were in my home. Rushing home, I was informed that allegedly a young man ran in the rear of my home, fleeing the police. I was questioned and accused of having a gun and drugs. I denied anything of the sort and upon the execution of a search warrant, nothing in addition to what they claim they found initially was discovered. Case closed right, I never heard from these officers again, yet I passed them many times while they were on duty in my neighbor. When applying for Uber in December of 2016 shortly before Christmas, a background check revealed I had an arrest warrant. I thought this is crazy. I had never been arrested and had no criminal history. I considered myself to be a productive citizen of Baltimore. From then on I worked to clear my name because I knew I was innocent however the criminal justice system failed me. No one ever got to hear my story until my trial in November of 2017, almost a year later. I had heard about police corruption but I never knew the devastation it can cause until I was directly affected. Here I was facing a life sentence for a crime I never committed all because the police falsely accused me of being a criminal without probable cause or investigation. They never found anything and I was never arrested but yet I was literally fighting for my life as a single mother of two. I lost my job, my housing, and my financial aid for school all due to the accusations of this case. I am sharing my story because had I not went to trial  and exercised my right to a fair trial I would have been behind bars for a life sentence. The Officer in my case, Officer Sharod Watson was temporarily suspended by the Baltimore Police Department only to return after 2 months for perjuring himself on the stand at my trial. Officer Watson continues to make arrest and to testify in cases in Baltimore City and has never been properly reprimanded for his actions. I am asking for you all’s support in getting Officer Watson removed from the Police Department as officers like himself should not be patrolling in communities that are already in such duress and in need of positive interactions from the Police Department. Please share my story and sign this petition to ask for justice for the many people who are not able to fight and who are behind bars.  Reform is needed in the police department and it starts with us the community. #timeforchangebmore