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Avenge the death of Phoenix the pit bull

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For the fourth time since 2009, the trial of Travers and Tremayne Johnson has been delayed. The new date is February 1, 2012. Travers and Tremayne Johnson are accused of setting a beautiful pit bull, nicknamed Phoenix by rescue workers, on fire, then laughing as they watched and heard her burn and scream. Other soulless monsters watched as well, but thankfully, Officer Syreeta Teel appeared on the scene, and put the flames out with her sweatshirt. This dog suffered so much, and had to be euthanized five days later. At the trial, it was 11-1, with 1 dog hating b1tch who refused to find the brothers guilty. The case is to be re-tried, but 1 incident after another keeps it from happening. ENOUGH! Baltimore residents, all those with a conscience, put pressure on the court system, demand justice be done for this angel. The articles written about her torture and death are heart breaking, the resigned look in her eyes, as if she had just given up on life, had accepted her cruel fate, it's too awful to even see what they did to Phoenix. And have those brothers changed their ways, are they now model citizens? No, they're mixed up with marijuana and attempted murder. Yes, the policed messed up extremely in their handling of the case, but that doesn't change the facts and the evidence that these boys are guilty. Please don't let the memory of this pup, who, by all accounts, was a friendly harmless dog, both before and after she was put through this Hell, please don't let her memory go, please don't let these bastards get away with murder. Thank you

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