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The Inner Harbor Carousel's Fate is Still Unknown

Knightco Carousels would like to thank all of our supporters whom reached out to sign our petition, shared their stories, wrote to the BDC and in general showed their support for the desire to keep our Carousel spinning at the Inner Harbor. We regret to report that we disassembled the Carousel and removed it from the Inner Harbor on March 31st. And while our efforts through today may not have resulted in operations at Baltimore's Inner Harbor, we are eager to ensure that this rare and unique attraction spins once again for the enjoyment of the children it was designed to thrill. We have a number of other opportunities to pursue and we will be certain to post status on our next steps once they firm up -- likely not for the 2012 season however. To follow our progress more closely, please visit us at or

Stacy Daft
8 years ago