Joppaview Elementary needs an earlier start time

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Joppaview Elementary School is facing later school start times next year which could cost our students a total 10 instructional days each school year just for dismissal time. 

Currently JVE opens at 9:00 am and dissmissal begins at 3:35pm. Next year the county plans to change the opening to 9:15 and dismissal to 4:05pm. 

However there are many concerned parents who disagree for the following reasons: 

-Instructional time equaling 10 total days will be lost each year just to provide a safe dismissal for the students and still meet the teacher union requirements of not keeping teachers past 4:15pm. The school currently dismissed at 3:35 and is scheduled next year to dismiss at 4:05. Currently dismissal takes 30 minutes on average. So in order to dismiss and meet the teachers union requirements next year the school will begin to dismiss at 3:45pm which is 20 minutes of lost instructional time. When you multiple that by the 180 days each year it gives you 10 instructional days lost. 

-Traffic! Joppaview sits on busy Honeygo Blvd and there is already a delay... later times meaning traffic overflowing on Honeygo and causing more traffic during busy rush hour. This could lead to back ups that affect 43 and even on to 95. 

-After school activities will be effected.

-Rountines for both parents and children will be disrupted. 

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