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Fight to go to Towson

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Hello my name is Caroline Ready and I have been attending Baltimore county schools since kindergarten. In 8th grade me and my family had to suddenly move out of the house we were renting because it got foreclosed on. With nowhere else to go we moved into my grandparents house which was a street outside of the county. Because it was supposed to be a temporary move I was allowed to continue with my education in the county. After staying a few months we soon realized that my grandfathers demensia was getting worse and it would not be safe for them to continue living alone so we continued living with them. Going into freshman year I was unsure if I was able to go to Towson causing lots of stress and anxiety so bad that I would get so nervous and stressed that I would throw up. This led to me getting medication for my anxiety. We ended up being placed under the homeless act allowing us to stay at county schools and helping my anxiety tremendously. I finished out freshman year playing 3 sports and loving Towson making lots of friends and finishing with all good grades. Going into sophomore year they revoked the homeless act because they said it no longer applied to our situation. My parents went through the appeal process but kept on getting turned down. I am now going into my junior year and am currently not enrolled in any school. We are not in a financial position to move and we could not just leave my grandmother. We have gone to people in the county multiple times and they continue to deny my registration. I know many people that live in the city that go to Towson and we are getting punished just because we were honest with our situation and our address. The stress of not knowing what school I will be able to attend and not being allowed to play field hockey has caused my anxiety to get increasingly worse. I barely got through freshman year and I really don't know what I would do if I was not allowed to attend Towson. I have gotten a note from my therapist stating that she believes it would be detrimental to my health to switch schools but still nobody seems to care. I always thought it was the county's job to do what is best for the student and being unable to attend Towson would affect me and my family tremendously. I play 3 varsity sports and take AP classes and i am a good student. I do not cause any trouble and just want to finish out my high school education with Towson. My parents have been trying to figure it out but I have decided to step in and create this petition in order to try to persuade the county to let me continue at towson.  

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