Concerned Parents of Perry Hall Middle School


Concerned Parents of Perry Hall Middle School

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Hello Neighbors,

The BCPS school board will be holding a meeting on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 to discuss the Perry Hall Middle School Capacity Relief options, which include redistricting and annexation.  The middle schools identified to provide relief for our students are Middle River and Stemmers Run.

Perry Hall schools are overcrowded for multiple reasons including over-building and lack of adequate long-term infrastructure vision. Several School Board and County Council Members are now inserting themselves and providing options they believe are best for the education of our children.

We need to unite to ensure our voice is heard regarding the education, school environment and quality of life that is best for our children.  This is a time where we need to come together to speak out against redistricting and annexing due to the following:

-       The proposed annexation will not completely resolve the overcrowding issue at Perry Hall Middle School and in fact result in 2 schools being over capacity beginning in 2020.

-       Redistricting “may” provide relief for overcrowding at Perry Hall Middle School while potentially moving our students and school community up to 3 times over an anticipated 5-year period.

-       While both options are “temporary” on paper, the reality is there is no absolute known timeline of when either option would end, which could impact more students, communities and neighborhoods.

-       The lack of social continuity and comfort affects student’s ability to effectively learn because of increased anxiety and lack of focus due to being in a new school environment with new students.

-       The location of the proposed middle schools will negatively affect our personal and professional schedules and our overall quality of life due to increased travel times to and from school each day. This results in:

o   Students needing to get up earlier to allow more time for bus transportation

o   The ability for students to efficiently complete homework and other school-related assignments, which will result in increased anxiety and substandard performance. 

o   The ability of managing crucial family-time and attending school and non-school evening activities. 

o   The potential negative impact on parent’s professional work schedules, which effects family stability and quality time.

Please sign the petition and, if you are able to, show up to the meeting and speak against redistricting and annexation. While overcrowding at Perry Hall schools needs to be addressed, it should be done by:

-       Ensuring social continuity and school community between school neighborhoods are preserved, especially for those previously impacted by past redistricting/annexation.

-       Limiting the amount of time any student, neighborhood and community need to move as part of redistricting and/or annexation.

-       Being objective when deciding option benefits versus student, community and neighborhood impact.

-       Making the board realize that funding for new schools is the only answer and that they need to give us direction as to how assist them push for the public funds or look into privatizing the building of new schools.

If you believe there is a possibility your residence is located in an area that could be sent to another school as a result of the redistricting and annexation options now is your time to speak out about it.

The school board meeting begins at 6:30pm, you must arrive by 6pm to get on the list of speakers.

Greenwood Campus
6901 Charles Street
Building E
Towson, MD 21204



This petition made change with 936 supporters!

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