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At this time, we look to the Board to hear all voices of concern.

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June 8, 2012

Dear Clayworks Board of Trustees:

We are writing this Letter of Concern about the current situation at Baltimore Clayworks. All of us have long relationships with Clayworks, as founders, resident artists, member artists, students, and community members. We are deeply committed to Clayworks and are acutely aware of the many people in Baltimore who have an authentic experience at Clayworks that is hardly matched anywhere. We want a healthy and strong future for Clayworks.

We are aware of the difficulties that the newly hired director, Benji Shulman, has had "getting up to speed" and we are aware of inordinate amount of time and energy that Board members have spent on this problem and of course we respect your dedication and commitment to Clayworks.

We are also well aware of many challenges including, but not limited to,
➢ the huge shift when a founding director leaves an organization,
➢ the financial climate that is posing hardship and necessitating change for Clayworks and so many other arts organizations and non-profits,
➢ the wish to be fair and give Benji time to learn the culture of Baltimore, of Clayworks, and develop his skills.

Some of us have been unaware of the difficulties Clayworks is facing. Some of us have concluded that for many reasons Benji is not “a good fit” for Clayworks. Some of us have waited patiently for the Board process to unfold in a manner that supports a strong future for Clayworks. At this time, we look to the Board to hear all voices of concern. We ask you to hear from the staff about the difficulties they are facing on the job; we ask you to see through and beyond any personality issues to address the central matters of Clayworks’ day-to-day operations and Clayworks’ future. We fear for the future of Clayworks if you delay any further.

The layoffs/firings of two staff members that occurred on Wednesday, June 6, add to the urgency our concern about how the day-to-day operations will continue and how the public will be served. It is obvious to many of us that the talented, committed, and dedicated staff of the organization have keep Clayworks alive and well over the past year.

We want you to know that we appreciate your hard work and dedication.
We are willing to help in any way we can to develop an interim plan that will support the organization going forward.

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