HELP! Unpermitted commercial construction, underway removing trees & destroying habitats

HELP! Unpermitted commercial construction, underway removing trees & destroying habitats

November 14, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Shanna Battick

Stop the construction/destruction on 4000 block of Frederick Rd until the community understands the plan.   

(aka 106-108 Sorrento Ave)  

In Baltimore City there is a community of homeowners, living on the odd side of the road among the trees and shrouded from the chaos of the city.   We share our community with deer, fox, raccoons, a family of owls, walking sticks, jumping  juniper and cherry blossoms. We have managed to  keep the area together and crime free. In 2017 the wooded area across from our houses was purchased by a developer, who begun removing trees without a permit the company, was stopped by the city b/c this wooded area was identified as a preserve. The city fined the construction company for working  without a permit and informed us that they  would be responsible for paying the fine and replanting the trees.  In early 2022 we were notified that land would prepped and trees replanted.... INSTEAD they (the construction company) came back, last month,  and began tearing out more trees, paving and pounding all weekend long. 

We contacted Baltimore City, they came out and shut down the construction. Notified the community in writing, that all was solved (kinda), construction halted.  The construction company broke thru the barriers and began working again the next day,  Baltimore City came back and shut it down again. On the third day the construction company came back and the city surrendered and explained that they misunderstood their own permit process, and that construction which includes the removal of trees is now approved. We spoke to our ward representative and discovered that there are plans to build an apartment building.

We need your support getting clarification on just how this happens,  still no permits have been filed and we have deer all over the place.... we need to get clarification on the plans, process and how things like this are suddenly approved.   

Support us and we will support you when you need it.  Poorer neighborhoods get manhandled or trashed or murdered when we don't stick together and stand up. 


  • FACTS 
  • The land was designated a sanctuary (or preserve).
  • In 2017, following the mass removal of 200+  trees, we got a letter from Baltimore City that said LUIS Construction would have to stop work and replant trees removed without permission.
  • LUIS Construction,  was fined and work stopped until now.
  • We have not had any trees replanted 
  • The land is being further destroyed
  • Baltimore City Laws are being broken,  is this an example of corruption?  Our civil liberties are being violated due to the weekend construction noise.
  • Baltimore City, has suddenly begun supporting this effort, despite the lack of disclosure or posted permits.  What is the process for approving commercial construction ?
  • Since when can you  just remove 200+ trees without a risk assessment, trees are following now b/c their foundation  has been and continues to be disturbed 
  • Questions we want answered
  • The permit being worked under has been expired for over a month , what is the permitted work under this permit?
  • What is the purpose of this construction?
  • What are the plans for this area, phases and timeline ?
  • How long will this construction be permitted?
  • How large of an effort is this where are the property lines? 
  • The destruction of the woods is affecting the fox, deer communities the animals are moving into to the residential area.  We (people) are being exposed to like human wasting disease carried by deer.
  • We'd like a community meeting with the construction company ownership present , we need community agreement.
  • We need some milestones dates, what is the entire plan, what are the limitations and when will the trees be replanted. Why are they only working on weekends? 




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Signatures: 24Next Goal: 25
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