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Repave South Haven Street

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As anyone who has driven on this particular section of road can attest, South Haven Street - particularly the section south of Eastern Avenue - is in deplorable condition. Between unused railroad tracks running perpendicular to the flow of traffic, years of deferred maintenance and improper repair with "quick patch" asphalt, and the age of the asphalt being increasingly susceptible to the effects of the freeze/thaw cycle, this road surface needs to be replaced.

With the closure of the O'Donnell Street Bridge recently due to a sinkhole, South Haven Street experienced greatly increased traffic for an extended period of time. The above average traffic may have further increased the damage that occurs to this route.

According to Maryland State Highway Administration data (accessible here:, this road services 8,240 vehicles a day (8,900 vehicles on weekdays). This amounts to approximately 3,000,000 vehicle trips on this section of road per annum.

The poor condition of the road greatly increases the odds of vehicles being damaged while traveling at the posted, legal speed limit. If 1% of the trips on this road results in damage with an average price of repair at $250, the annual cost of repairs attributed to this road is in excess of $7,500,000.

Additionally, South Haven Street between Baltimore Avenue and Eastern Avenue is a designated "Snow Emergency Route"; why the short section between Eastern Avenue and Boston Street is not designated as such is unknown at this time.

It is also a common street for emergency vehicles to travel, due to a lack of stop signs or traffic lights along the length of the road. Resurfacing would decrease response times for the Police, Fire, and EMT, and increase public safety.

This road is designated as a potential path for the future Red Line, and will need to be reworked to accommodate the rails for that project. However, the Red Line is still in the planning phase, and is not guaranteed at this time to be built. Furthermore, the timeline for public works projects the magnitude of the Red Line are on the order of a decade or longer. Potential future public works projects are not an excuse to defer required maintenance and repairs.

This petition requests the immediate grooming and resurfacing of South Haven Street, including the removal of the unused railroad tracks.

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