Change discriminatory policies at Atlas Restaurant Group restaurants including Ouzo Bay

Change discriminatory policies at Atlas Restaurant Group restaurants including Ouzo Bay

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Started by The Power Mixer

The Power Mixer denounces the actions of the Atlas Restaurant Group and immediate change is needed.
The Power Mixer is a Baltimore based network of professionals that hosts curated networking events to assist local business owners and professionals in increasing their net worth.  We have all patronized restaurants and clubs owned by the Atlas Restaurant Group spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in said establishments. We want it to be known that we categorically DENOUNCE the recent Ouzo Bay incident and past actions of the Atlas Restaurant Group to discriminate and racially exclude black patrons.  We will continue to urge our network and community at large to STOP spending money in Atlas Restaurant Group (ARG) establishments until ARG’s leadership through its President/CE0 Alexander F. Smith responds with an enumerated list of changes and actions toward making the environment for ALL of its patrons, specially the black community, inclusive and welcoming in its establishments.
Many of our black supporter have expressed that this is not the first time the Atlas Restaurant Group has been racially exclusionary.  The leadership has made dress code policies that focus on clothing that are historically worn by black people and a black contractor has been released after leadership saw the number of black patrons that were brought to a management approved Ouzo Beach party.
Atlas Restaurant Group is not just Ouzo Bay.  These same policies have been implemented throughout the entire restaurant group which consists of Azumi, Loch Bar, Bygone, Tagliata, The Elk Room (Lollipop), Maximon, Italian Disco, The Choptank, Ouzo Beach and Harbor East Deli.
Alexander has promulgated the Atlas culture and policies.  We need Alexander to come out personally and speak to his pattern and practice of discriminating against black patrons at Atlas restaurants with his black patron centric dress code policies.  Atlas’ hollow, rhetoric laced response did not address the core issue.  Black patrons must not be treated in an inferior manner. 
Businesses, including event planners and corporations with yearly memberships, that spend money at these restaurants must make a stand.  The business community must refrain from using the Atlas Restaurant Group until significant changes to internal policies and leadership are implemented.  This includes canceling catering and holiday parties as well as corporate memberships with the Lollipop at The Elk Room.
All that stand in solidarity with this statement should be intentional and proliferate this message to the powers that be at organizations you are affiliated.  We also urge you to stand with us by reposting, signing our affirmation and pushing the leadership of the Atlas Restaurant Group to reply with an enumerated, meaningful response that incorporates a commitment to creating an environment conducive to appropriately serving black patrons.

Troy Staton, Damien Myers, MD, Alexis Coates, Marlow A. Henderson, III, Granville Templeton, III

554 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!