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Ballston Spa Fire Department: Help when an exotic pet is in need

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This is important because after 8 years of owning my iguana she got out of my house and is stuck in a tree and she doesn't have the sense a cat does to come down and go home. Her fate is to die and all I can do is watch without help. The fire department will not help because a cat has the sense to come down when it is hungry but a green iguana does not!



Ok, I am not sure if this is story worth but I’m going to give it a shot because I am very concerned and need help. Almost 8 years ago I rescued a green iguana. She has been a loved family pet ever since. Last night while making her rounds around my apartment she busted a screen out of my first floor apartment window and somehow squeezed out of the small opening. She climbed a tree outside of my front door and we are unable to climb the tree to get her. I called the local Ballston Spa fire department thinking the 1960’s tv shows might somehow come true. They said they no longer do Animal rescues because when the animal is hungry they will come down. Which if she were a cat may be the case. She is a green iguana completely out of her natural habitat she eats greens (which grow on trees’) and her natural instinct is to climb which she is now as I write this. I’m very sad at the moment and I must look like a crazy person while looking up at a tree talking to it trying to coax her down with food and such. She had to spend last night in the tree and the temp was way below what she need to stay healthy. I know people may think this is silly and it’s just a lizard but she is my baby and I love her and I need help!


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